We are locksmiths, not mechanics.


Had an all keys lost call last night for a 2009 Chevrolet Impala. The customer failed to disclose that he was having trouble with the vehicle starting due to an faulty neutral safety switch until an hour or so into making and programming a key. If I would have known this from the start I may have turned the job down but since I already had so much time invested I might as well finish the job. So I proceeded to finish programming the key which took me three attempts and two keys before I finally got the security light to go out and a key to program in. So after I finished the job, Guess what? The car would not start and I told the customer “my job is not to start the vehicle, my job is to get the security light to go out which I did”. The customer then asked if I still wanted to him to pay since his car won’t start and I replied “YES!” since I did my job by programming two keys into the vehicle. He then proceeds to call his boss and he tells me his boss told him not to pay me so he refused to pay me. This is the third time I have not gotten paid for services rendered. Whether you use us or another locksmith please remember we are not auto mechanics, we are locksmiths. We are not there to get your car started and running. We are there to program a key and, or remote to your vehicle. Once to security light goes out our job is done. Also please give us all the info when you call even though I know some people will still not inform us of everything. Whether they think it will save them money or not.

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